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Camelot was the proper model for Monty Python’s first real movie

Watch This offers movie recommendations inspired by new releases, premieres, current events, or occasionally just our own inscrutable whims. This week: David Lowery’s The Green Knight, starring Dev Patel as King Arthur’s nephew Gawain, has been postponed. But there are plenty of other interesting takes on the… Read more… Source link

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Our critics investigate the strange world of TV in a format-breaking episode on The X-Files

Welcome to this week’s second installment of Film Club, The A.V. Club’s weekly movie-discussion series. On this very special, format-breaking episode, our critics encroach on TV editor Danette Chavez’s turf to discuss the strange world of The X-Files. Since its premiere almost three decades ago, Chris Carter’s sci-fi… Read more… Source link

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Somehow, bogus big-screen sitcom Three Men And A Baby became the biggest hit of 1987

The best Star Trek movie is a comedy. In 1986’s Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, the crew of the USS Enterprise travels back in time to circa-1986 San Francisco to get ahold of a couple of humpback whales. (There’s a strange space probe out there causing havoc and broadcasting whale song, but whales are …

America's Got Talent Gabrielle Union TV

Gabrielle Union Speaks About America’s Got Talent’s Issues of Inclusion and Accountability

Actress Gabrielle Union has been silent about what went down with America’s Got Talent until she could do so on her own terms, and with her latest interview with Variety, she got to do just that. In 2019, Union was signed on to becoming a part of America’s Got Talent, an opportunity that Union states was exciting because …

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Toy Story 2 was the first time Pixar tried to reduce the whole audience to a sobbing wreck

From its inception, the Toy Story franchise has focused on cowboy Woody’s attachment to his owner, Andy. In the first movie, Woody feels threatened by the addition of action figure Buzz Lightyear to the toy stable. In the second, Woody has separation anxiety and fear of abandonment after Andy doesn’t bring him to… Read more… …

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Review: Rage and the Renaissance in Hannah Gadsby: Douglas

Douglas is Hannah Gadsby’s second Netflix comedy special and takes audiences through adventures in the dog park, the High Renaissance in art, and, most importantly, through frustration and rage. In June 2018, Netflix unleashed Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette to its global audience, and viewers were immediately arrested by her genre-bending approach to comedy. The Australian comedian …