‘My Brilliant Friend’ Episode 3 Review: An Unhappy Lila Takes Her Rage Out on Everybody

Lila Caracci, this week, is in a mood. As revealed in last week’s episode of HBO’s “My Brilliant Friend,” Naples’ resident rebel and feminist (played by Gaia Girace) is now pregnant by her abusive loser husband Stefano, and mama ain’t happy. The baby news came in total contradiction to Lila’s beliefs, as the miserable newlywed

Sony Aggressively Pushes Back Its Entire Summer Release Slate

As Hollywood looks forward to resuming business as usual, it may be a while. Late Monday Sony revealed new 2021 dates for their four summer releases. The studio has also pushed back three other moves. Like so much these days, this wholesale overhaul of a release schedule would have been unthinkable even a month ago.

Here’s a Galaxy Brain Theory About Who’s Inside “Charlotte” on Westworld

Going into Westworld season three, perhaps the biggest question was who, exactly, is wearing the Charlotte Hale body that Dolores used to sneak herself and others out of the park. Dolores whipped herself up another meat suit that looked like her old face (or modified the one she was in) and inserted a new host

This ’80s high school drama is basically Mean Boys, but without the laughs

Watch This offers movie recommendations inspired by new releases, premieres, current events, or occasionally just our own inscrutable whims. This week: The teen superhero movie New Mutants, from Fault In Our Stars director Josh Boone, has been postponed again. In its absence, we’re looking at YA adaptations.  Read more… Source link

‘Three Busy Debras’ Review: Bite-Sized Absurdist Comedy Upends Suburban Boredom, but It Needs More Zing

The suburban enclave of Lemoncurd — “a charming town full of charming people leading charming lives and eating charming food” — is surely home to many delightful residents, but only three of them really matter: a trio of Debras who, as the title of the bite-sized Adult Swim series tells us, are very busy indeed. Busy

Spike Lee Shares Script for Unmade Jackie Robinson Passion Project — Read Now

Filmmaker Spike Lee is bunkered down in quarantine just like the rest of us, and as a treat for fans sheltering in place, the Academy Award-winning filmmaker offered up a Dropbox link to the script for “Jackie Robinson,” his unmade tribute to the baseball legend, Sunday via his Instagram. The passion project dates back to

A Young Hasidic Woman Finds Her Voice in the Revelatory Unorthodox

The opening image of Netflix’s miniseries Unorthodox is a downed eruv wire lying in the street. The eruv wire is a common tool used in Orthodox Jewish communities, a symbolic boundary that allows residents to sidestep one of the stricter rules of the Sabbath, namely a ban on carrying anything in public. But the wire

Jeffrey Katzenberg Is Courting J.J. Abrams for Quibi: ‘He’s Leaning in and Is Intrigued’

Quibi is a week out from its launch date, April 6, which means the world can finally experience Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman’s long-speculated-over, mobile-only short-form streaming service. Quibi, which has already lined up a raft of content, is an abbreviation of “quick bites,” as each episode of each series clocks in at under 10

Watch Ethan Hawke Read Shakespeare and Explain How to Confront Your Worst Fears

As much as one can in these couch-bound times, actor and filmmaker Ethan Hawke took a breather from self-distancing in upstate New York to join IndieWire’s Eric Kohn for a live discussion on Instagram last week. His candid thoughts ran the gamut, from his heaping praise for Eliza Hittman’s “Never Rarely Sometimes Always” to the

‘Dragon’s Lair:’ Ryan Reynolds in Talks to Star in Netflix’s Video Game Adaptation

Netflix is dabbling in more video game franchises. Following the success of “The Witcher,” the streaming service is adapting the “Dragon’s Lair” video games into a live-action feature film, with Ryan Reynolds in talks to produce and star. The news marks one of the more curious video game film adaptations in recent memory. While most