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animation Film Netflix The Willoughbys

‘The Willoughbys’ Is Netflix’s Timely, Outside the Box Animated Comedy About Togetherness

“The Willoughbys,” Netflix’s whimsical animated feature about four unloved siblings breaking free from their toxic home (based on the children’s book by Lois Lowry), couldn’t arrive at a more opportune time during the global pandemic. And the irony isn’t lost on director Kris Pearn (“Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2”), who infused his aesthetic …

animation Film Reviews Trolls World Tour

‘Trolls World Tour’ Review: A Silly and Psychedelic Treatise on Modern Music for Kids and Stoners

So much of the slick, ADD-riddled studio animation that passes for family-friendly entertainment these days has been watered down by cheap jokes and bland message-mongering. You have to hand it to “Trolls World Tour” for trying to turn that standard into a half-assed Trojan horse: Yes, this candy-colored jukebox musical sequel to the 2016 installment …

animation Netflix television Tina Fey

Netflix Orders Timely Animated Comedy Series From Tina Fey and Robert Carlock

Actress, director, producer and unstoppable force Tina Fey is adding Netflix content creator to her resume. “Mulligan” comes from the mind of Fey and partner Robert Carlock, who worked together on “30 Rock” and “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt;” they will act as executive producers on the animated comedy series. “Mulligan” focuses on what’s left after …

Amy Poehler animation Duncanville Fox television TV Reviews

‘Duncanville’ Review: Amy Poehler’s Clever Fox Comedy Is Still Finding Its Footing

For the last three decades, Fox animated comedies have been modeled after the network’s biggest hit. So by now, we’ve seen dozens of “Simpsons” variations — where a working-class family faces fresh problems every week, and satirize certain trends or parody select pieces of pop culture while solving them. The classic sitcom structure (emphasis on …

animation contributors TV

Steven Universe, She-Ra, & Voltron: LGBTQIA+ Successes, Failures, and Hopes for the Future in Children’s Animation

(image: Cartoon Network) Over the past decade, children’s animation seems to have been undergoing a major revolution in terms of queer representation. From Nickelodeon’s premier of its first bisexual protagonist (The Legend of Korra) to its first same-sex parent couple (The Loud House) and, within the span of a few years, Rebecca Sugar’s revolutionary Steven …