Star Trek Is Boldly Going Where Star Wars Won’t Dare

(Disney/Lucasfilm, CBS) So, are you more of a Klingon or a Mandalorian person? If you get a little heated about that question, congratulations, you may be a diehard sci-fi fan locked in the endless Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate. I hate to break it to either side, but both sides are winning in different

Thank You, Bojack Horseman, for … Well, Not Being Philbert

(Netflix) **Spoilers ahead for Bojack Horseman.** **Content warning for discussion of suicide.** Bojack Horseman ended on January 31. The eight-episode back half of its sixth season sees Bojack belatedly take responsibility for his actions. This comes after many years of us watching him act like a schmuck and largely get away with it. The world

Mary Shelley Deserved Better on Doctor Who

(BBC) **Spoilers ahead for Doctor Who Series 12.** BBC’s recent Doctor Who episode “The Haunting of Villa Diodati” has a lot going for it. It trots along at a good pace, it has a creepy new take on a classic monster, and it’s effectively spooky. Admittedly, the idea of throwing Frankenstein author Mary Shelley into

Greta Gerwig Deserves More Credit for Her Filmography’s Examination of Money

(image: A24, Columbia Pictures, IFC Films, Fox Searchlight Pictures) As a filmmaker, Greta Gerwig’s artistic sensibilities have long been unfairly questioned. This year, she and all the other women making films were snubbed by most of the major awards. For many years, Gerwig was seen as the muse of her partner, Noah Baumbach, her significance

Make Jaskier Bisexual, You Cowards

(image: Netflix) Though it’s hardly been out only a little over a month, Netflix’s The Witcher has already inundated the online community with instantly-memorable moments ranging from catchy tunes to sexy, smoldering brutes in baths. The show has become a runaway success and also sparked many a conversation about its approach to casting and representation

Steven Universe, She-Ra, & Voltron: LGBTQIA+ Successes, Failures, and Hopes for the Future in Children’s Animation

(image: Cartoon Network) Over the past decade, children’s animation seems to have been undergoing a major revolution in terms of queer representation. From Nickelodeon’s premier of its first bisexual protagonist (The Legend of Korra) to its first same-sex parent couple (The Loud House) and, within the span of a few years, Rebecca Sugar’s revolutionary Steven

The Final Girl, Redefined: The Role of Women in Horror Is Evolving

(image: Universal Pictures) **Spoilers for Midsommar.** The image of a panicked scream queen running in terror from a monster or other night stalker is a cornerstone of the horror genre. As you read that sentence, a montage of specific scenes from many films spanning several eras of horror no doubt filled your mind. Women have

We Need To Talk About The Witcher’s Yennefer: Magic, Disability, and Motherhood

Yennefer of Vengerberg, one of three main characters in Netflix’s Witcher series, is disabled. A main character in a prominent fantasy series with a visible disability! More than that, she’s a love interest! As a disabled person, I was really excited to see a disabled character whose storyline doesn’t revolve around her disability, and who’s

No, Really, Rick and Morty Is Bad

With Season 4 of the Child Abuse Caper Hour on the horizon, it’s a good time to reappraise the arguments often made in the show’s defense. Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty is a cartoon, created by Justin Roiland and Community’s Dan Harmon, about amoral space-adventurer Rick dragging his grandson, Morty, into dangerous sci-fi nonsense. In

George R. R. Martin Says Game of Thrones’ Ending Wasn’t Good for Him, and We Can Sympathize

Writing is hard, and it’s harder when you’re weighed down by timelines and expectations. Perhaps no one knows how daunting public expectations can be than the creator of Westeros himself, George R. R. Martin. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Martin talked frankly (as he often does) about a range of subjects, including about