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Donald Trump Last Week Tonight OANN TV

John Oliver Explains Just How Gross, Dangerous, and “Pathetically Thirsty” Trump’s Favorite News Network Is

During Donald Trump’s daily coronavirus press briefings, he frequently gets into arguments with reporters, accusing them of asking “nasty” questions and trying to tear him down in order to boost their own ratings. In reality, those “nasty” questions are nearly always perfectly reasonable, if challenging. But Trump doesn’t like to be challenged. He likes to …

CNN Coronavirus Donald Trump MSNBC television The Agitator

The Decision Not to Air Trump’s Coronavirus Briefing Is Commendable, and Overdue — Opinion

After days of internal newsroom pressure and external criticisms, CNN and MSNBC cut away from President Donald Trump’s coronavirus briefing on Wednesday when he used it as an opportunity to begin discussing his southern border wall. The networks’ move came after several days of meandering presidential presentations that sounded more like Trump rallies than important …

Donald Trump Jim Carrey kidding Parasite television

Jim Carrey Is Done with Donald Trump, Turns Artistic Energy to ‘Great Art’ Like ‘Parasite’

Jim Carrey is trying to focus on the positive in 2020, and to do so, the actor and artist is moving on from one of his ugliest muses: President Donald J. Trump. “Between the parts I’m playing and what’s actually occurring in my life, it’s really extraordinary,” Carrey said in an interview with IndieWire. “Well, …

Brendan Gleeson CBS Donald Trump Jeff Daniels television

Jeff Daniels to Play James Comey — with Brendan Gleeson as Donald Trump — in CBS Limited Series

Following his iconic role as Knuckles McGinty in “nicecore” phenomenon “Paddington 2” (and proving he’s a fan of IndieWire), Brendan Gleeson will flex his acting range by portraying one of the worst individuals on the planet. Gleeson has been cast as sitting president Donald Trump in a CBS adaptation of James Comey’s bestselling book, “A …

Donald Trump Film Robert De Niro The Irishman

Robert De Niro Slams Donald Trump in Video Interview: ‘This Guy Should Not Be President. Period.’

No stranger to publicly denouncing the President, Robert De Niro has once again slammed Donald Trump in a new — and rare — with CNN’s Brian Stelter on “Reliable Sources.” “This guy should not be president. Period,” De Niro says. Stelter asks De Niro how he felt about criticisms of the actor after he said …