Joke’s on us: The biggest (and most disappointing) surprises from the 2020 Oscar nominations

They rule the box office and dominate the cultural conversation. Now, superheroes have come for award season, too. One year after Black Panther racked up a bunch of Oscar nods in categories major and technical, any lingering genre bias against cape-and-cowl fare appears to have disappeared on the wind like the ashen… Read more… Source

Underwater proves Kristen Stewart is more than ready to be a bonafide action star

In some ways, it’s ironic that Sigourney Weaver’s star-making performance as Lieutenant Ellen Ripley in Alien has become synonymous with “badass heroine.” After all, a big part of what makes Weaver so effective in the role is she’s doing the antithesis of action-star posturing. She makes Ripley unsure of her… Read more… Source link

The Rise Of Skywalker walks back The Last Jedi’s best decisions

Spoiler Space offers thoughts on, and a place to discuss, the plot points we can’t disclose in our official reviews. Fair warning: Major plot points for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker are revealed below. Read more… Source link

Nope, seeing Cats the musical will not help you understand Cats the movie

Three months into my freshman year of theater school, I found myself fake-laughing my way through a raucous parody of Cats—a show I had never actually seen, but one that was apparently being hilariously skewered based on the reactions of everyone around me. As a lifelong musical theater fan, Cats was my most… Read more…

However improbably, the 2010s became the decade of Terrence Malick

When Terrence Malick’s The Tree Of Life was released to great acclaim back in 2011, new work from the revered Texas filmmaker was still a rare treat. He never made movies at the same pace as his New Hollywood peers in the ’70s, and even with a slight uptick in productivity following the 20-year break

The Stephen King cinematic renaissance could really use Frank Darabont

It’s been 12 years since Frank Darabont directed a movie, but the epilogue he left viewers with still stings. The Mist, his 2007 adaptation of Stephen King’s Lovecraftian novella of the same name, ends with hero David Drayton (Thomas Jane) euthanizing his fellow survivors (including his 8-year-old son) in the face of… Read more… Source

Midsommar, Scary Stories, and the horror of realizing your fate is sealed

The original poster for Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre asked perhaps the definitive question in all of horror: “Who will survive, and what will be left of them?” For the film’s marketing campaign, that was a rhetorical inquiry. For the horror genre on a whole, it’s just part of the agreement—you know that…

How American Beauty lost the title of 1999’s best movie

Given the wealth of great movies that were released back in 1999 and the general 1990s-era tastes of the Academy Awards, it was probably inevitable that the year’s Best Picture winner wouldn’t work as a satisfying long-term historical record of excellence. But it still feels galling that one of the best movie years of… Read