‘Bad Education’ Teaser: Hugh Jackman Enters the Emmy Race as a High School Boss Caught in a Scandal

At last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, HBO scooped up Cory Finley’s buzzed-about dark comedy “Bad Education” for just shy of a cool $20 million. That’s great news for the ripped-from-the-headlines film, which earned star Hugh Jackman raves for his turn as an embezzling high-school superintendent, and its potential to reach a massive global audience.

‘Avenue 5’: Hugh Laurie on the Underlying Significance of His Space Captain’s Big Secret

While making his onscreen debut in Armando Iannucci’s HBO series, Hugh Laurie gets the hero’s treatment. Doors part, the silver-haired leader emerges, and Laurie’s character strides down a hallway filled with supporters, greeting them with an encouraging smile and a heartening quip. They’re all thrilled to see him, and why shouldn’t they be? Senator Tom

‘The Outsider’: How HBO’s Sleeper Hit Made the Boogeyman Into a Reality

Can a gritty crime drama really ask viewers to believe in the boogeyman? “The Outsider” is about to find out. “I hate stories in which on page seven the zombies are there, and by page eight everyone is going, ‘Oh, [sure], zombies.’” showrunner and executive producer Richard Price said in an interview with IndieWire. “It’s

Everything You Need to Know About ‘Westworld’ Season 3

It’s been 16 months since “Westworld’s” second season ended, and while Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s sophomore effort received more mixed reviews than their freshman debut, no one can deny just how highly-anticipated its upcoming third season is ahead of its March 15 debut. Especially in the wake of a “Game of Thrones” conclusion and

‘The Plot Against America’ Trailer: David Simon’s HBO Adaptation Reimagines a Presidential Election

HBO has released the trailer for its upcoming limited series “The Plot Against America,” set to premiere this March. You can watch the two-minute preview below. Based on the prescient novel by Philip Roth, “The Plot Against America” takes place in an alternate-history version of America, in which the United States turns toward fascism during

‘The Undoing’ Teaser: Nicole Kidman Loses It in HBO’s Unsettling ‘Big Little Lies’ Followup

Nicole Kidman returns to HBO this May as a woman in crisis for the upcoming limited series “The Undoing,” which just released its first teaser. From the sights and sounds of this unsettling first look at the series, Kidman will sink her teeth into a juicy psychological thriller, based on the novel “You Should Have

‘Avenue 5’ Review: Hugh Laurie Steers HBO’s Chaotic Space Odyssey Through a Rocky Start

Having eviscerated political systems on both sides of the Atlantic — and then witnessed each democracy devolve further than any satiric takedown could’ve imagined — it makes sense to see Armando Iannucci flee Earth for the final frontier. The creator of “Veep” and “The Thick of It” returns to HBO with “Avenue 5,” a space

‘The Plot Against America’: How Zoe Kazan’s Family Legacy Impacted HBO’s Alt-History Series

Zoe Kazan left Television Critics Association members speechless during an HBO panel on “The Plot Against America” at the TCA 2020 Winter Press Tour in Pasadena Wednesday. The actress and granddaughter of Elia Kazan recalled her family’s legacy and the influence of her grandfather’s filmography while working on the upcoming HBO alt-history series, which documents

20 HBO Original Programs to Be Excited About in 2020 — ‘The Outsider,’ ‘Perry Mason,’ and More

Having survived the end of “Game of Thrones” with buzzy new series like “Euphoria,” “Watchmen,” and “His Dark Materials,” in addition to well-watched new seasons of “Succession,” “Barry,” and “Big Little Lies,” HBO is preparing for its first post-Westeros year with a similar onslaught of exciting adaptations, enticing follow-ups, and shows skewing toward a younger

For HBO Max, Diversity Is More Than PC; It’s a Secret Weapon For Success

In 2018, women and people of color directed 58% of HBO’s episodic programming, up from 35% in 2015. Now the network wants to accelerate its diversification by focusing on craftspeople with HBO POV — aka Power of Visibility. HBO launched its award-winning multicultural marketing division more than eight years ago under the leadership of Lucinda