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family romance llc movie review werner herzog yuichi ishii

Werner Herzog explores the strange business of rented relatives in Family Romance, LLC

Werner Herzog is one of few major filmmakers whose work is rather equally split between fiction and nonfiction: Over half a century, he’s steadily churned out both documentaries and narrative films, sometimes even making one of each on the same topic. With his latest project, Family Romance, LLC, Herzog comes closer… Read more… Source link

channing godfrey peoples juneteenth miss juneteenth movie review

Right on time for the holiday, Miss Juneteenth offers a loving portrait of family and community

Held annually on the holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States, Miss Juneteenth pageants reflect the Southern affinity for pomp, circumstance, and puffy dresses. They also offer a unique and affirming space created by and for Black women. And one such event, in all its complexity, forms the… Read more… Source link

7500 amazon prime joseph gordon levitt movie review

Joseph Gordon-Levitt can’t pilot around the outdated fear-mongering of hijack thriller 7500

The first wave of anxiety arrives with the opening shot, a quiet stretch of mid-quality surveillance footage of an airport in Berlin. It doesn’t take long before our focus is pulled to a man, possibly Middle Eastern, standing in a crowd of eager travelers, and then another suspiciously emerging from a nondescript… Read more… Source …

chadwick boseman da 5 bloods delroy lindo isiah whitlock jr movie review Spike Lee

Spike Lee goes to Vietnam with his politically muddled war movie Da 5 Bloods

Spike Lee’s cultural messaging for once fails him in the politically muddled Da 5 Bloods. With the film, Lee offers his submission to a history of bloodied, masculine Vietnam War movies. Sadly, he’s more concerned with making a Vietnam movie that looks Black than one that actually takes on the complexities of B… Read more… …

documentary movie review paul verhoeven showgirls you dont nomi

You Don’t Nomi spotlights the cult of Showgirls, and how a big flop became a midnight sensation

The smartest thing You Don’t Nomi does is staunchly avoid adopting a single point of view. Those seeking a defense of the notorious 1995 flop Showgirls will find plenty here to support their case. But this new documentary wisely solicits a broad range of opinions. After one-time A.V. Club contributor Adam Nayman… Read more… Source …

movie review Netflix olivier megaton the last days of american crime

The Last Days Of American Crime is a bloated sci-fi heist movie from the director of two Takens

Olivier Megaton, the French action-movie director with the impossibly perfect self-chosen name, is best known for his team-player contributions to Luc Besson’s once-prolific EuropaCorp. Specifically, he’s the auteur behind the internet-famous moment from Taken 3, where around a dozen cuts are utilized to depict Liam… Read more… Source link

Alicia Silverstone jessica rothe Judy Greer movie review rob huebel valley girl

The new musical Valley Girl captures the neon but misses the fun of the ’80s original

The original Valley Girl became a sleeper hit in 1983. Despite the then-no-name cast, ’80s teens flocked to the Romeo And Juliet story of Randy and Julie, a punk rocker and a preppy girl who fall for each other despite entrenched social barriers. In his first starring role, Nicolas Cage made an indelible impact as… …