Ana de Armas is way too good for the lousy, sub-De Palma thriller The Night Clerk

Every once in a while, someone gets lucky right out the gate. But most actors begin their careers doing time in throwaway B-movies and misbegotten programmers. The Night Clerk, for example, must have looked like a great opportunity for a pre-Knives Out Ana de Armas, who only had one big role under her belt—the… Read

Drenched in grit, gore, and neon, VFW is an action throwback that hits all the right notes

Under different circumstances, VFW—an action movie about a group of combat veterans whose watering hole comes under attack by junkie mutants—could easily have become a “kids these days” anti-millennial screed. A majority of the film’s cast got their AARP cards a long time ago, and recurring imagery of old-timers… Read more… Source link

The director of The Haunting Of Sharon Tate sets his ghoulish sights on The Murder Of Nicole Brown Simpson

For his latest shameless dive into the deep end of true-crime conspiracy theory, director Daniel Farrands appears to have taken inspiration from O.J. Simpson, or at least from his defense lawyers. Namely, Farrands’ guiding principle in making The Murder Of Nicole Brown Simpson seems to have been: If he doesn’t commit,… Read more… Source link

Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne are embattled BFFs in the stiff friend-com Like A Boss

The aesthetic of Universal’s Like A Boss is all rose gold and champagne gummy bears, bold lips and sky-high platform heels. And why not? It’s a frothy 83-minute comedy about two best friends who own their own makeup business, a necessary reimagining of the rom-com heroine’s vocation now that magazine editor (for… Read more… Source

Parisian cop drama Les Misérables speaks the same righteous language as Victor Hugo

No one mounts a barricade in this Les Misérables, the debut feature from French documentarian Ladj Ly. Nor does anyone steal a loaf of bread or break a windowpane. Yet Ly’s immersive film, a crime drama that evokes both the unrelenting energy of Training Day and the empathetic investigative spirit of David Simon’s The… Read

The Grudge’s J-horror rehash is all wet

The Eyes Of My Mother director Nicolas Pesce’s version of The Grudge gets at least one thing right about J-horror. The film is soaking wet, drenched in torrential rain and filthy bathwater to complement its ghostly women with long, damp black hair. (Moisture and dank places have long been associated with ghosts in… Read more…

Emma Roberts leads the rich-girl resistance in the exquisite, flimsy YA fantasy Paradise Hills

The thing that really stands out about Paradise Hills is the flowers. The hairstyles are also gorgeous, as are the dresses and the decor. But it’s the flowers exploding over nearly every outdoor surface that really make Spanish director Alice Waddington’s debut feature feel decadent. Waddington’s background is in… Read more… Source link

“Debate me, you coward” takes movie form in Adam Carolla’s abysmal No Safe Spaces

“He comes from college and knowledge, I come from tomfoolery and sports.” That’s how Adam Carolla, of Loveline and The Man Show fame, describes his alliance with Dennis Prager, a conservative talk show host and commenter whose social views on nearly everything are reprehensible. No Safe Spaces, the duo’s new movie,… Read more… Source link

Berlin winner Synonyms is a stylish but obvious fish-out-of-water allegory

Yoav (Tom Mercier), the hero of the Israeli writer-director Nadav Lapid’s quizzical new film Synonyms, is not the first person to come to Paris in search of rebirth only to find disappointment. But there he is, on his first night in the city, in an unheated and unfurnished apartment on the Left Bank, minding his

Rudy Ray Moore biopic Dolemite Is My Name puts a feel-good spin on a foul-mouthed legend

For a film where someone says “motherfucker” every few seconds, Dolemite Is My Name is surprisingly wholesome. It’s a biopic about stand-up comedian and blaxploitation leading man Rudy Ray Moore, an Arkansas native who, after several failed attempts at becoming famous, finally succeeded by combining the rhythms of… Read more… Source link