Being shot at the Olympics is about all the Nick Kroll romance Olympic Dreams has going for it

Shot during the 2018 Winter games in Pyeongchang, Olympic Dreams plays a bit like Escape From Tomorrow, the no-budget indie that was notable exclusively for having been shot guerrilla-style on location at Disney World and Epcot. In this case, the filmmakers had express permission from the powers that be, yet there’s… Read more… Source link

Adam Sandler and the Uncut Gems cast on diamond deals, basketball, and Oh, Hello

In Uncut Gems, Adam Sandler plays “Howard Ratner,” a harried diamond dealer who’s frantically looking for the next big score, all while juggling his family, his mistress, and his creditors. It’s a role that Sandler plays masterfully, and one that could lead audiences to wonder why Sandler doesn’t take on more serious… Read more… Source