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Brad Bird Film holly hunter incredibles 2 the pixar moment

Incredibles 2 showed the “real” superheroes how it’s done

Let’s be honest: Superhero action was never designed for the physical world. Studios have done their best over the years, spending millions on “live-action” visual effects shots designed to mimic spectacle that originally cost a couple of bucks’ worth of ink and paper to create. But the end result has typically been… Read more… Source …

Brad Bird pixar the incredibles the pixar moment

With The Incredibles, Pixar told a story that resonated with parents as much as kids

There’s a duality to the far-reaching appeal of a Pixar film that extends beyond bright hues and impeccable digital renderings. The studio’s 2004 super-powered super smash The Incredibles is an unabashed celebration of heroics, complete with breathtaking action, a delightfully dastardly villain, and an abiding message… Read more… Source link

pixar randy newman sarah mclachlan the pixar moment toy story 2

Toy Story 2 was the first time Pixar tried to reduce the whole audience to a sobbing wreck

From its inception, the Toy Story franchise has focused on cowboy Woody’s attachment to his owner, Andy. In the first movie, Woody feels threatened by the addition of action figure Buzz Lightyear to the toy stable. In the second, Woody has separation anxiety and fear of abandonment after Andy doesn’t bring him to… Read more… …