‘Avenue 5’: Hugh Laurie on the Underlying Significance of His Space Captain’s Big Secret

While making his onscreen debut in Armando Iannucci’s HBO series, Hugh Laurie gets the hero’s treatment. Doors part, the silver-haired leader emerges, and Laurie’s character strides down a hallway filled with supporters, greeting them with an encouraging smile and a heartening quip. They’re all thrilled to see him, and why shouldn’t they be? Senator Tom

‘The Outsider’: How HBO’s Sleeper Hit Made the Boogeyman Into a Reality

Can a gritty crime drama really ask viewers to believe in the boogeyman? “The Outsider” is about to find out. “I hate stories in which on page seven the zombies are there, and by page eight everyone is going, ‘Oh, [sure], zombies.’” showrunner and executive producer Richard Price said in an interview with IndieWire. “It’s

‘Dublin Murders’: Showrunner Sarah Phelps on the Wrenching Season Finale of Starz’s Crime Drama

[Editor’s Note: The following interview contains spoilers for the entire season of “Dublin Murders,” including tonight’s season finale, and the novel “In the Woods.”] In the opening moments of “Dublin Murders”, we see Detective Cassie Maddox (Sarah Greene) sever her relationship with her partner, Detective Rob Reilly (Killian Scott). Eight episodes later, we see why:

‘You’ Season 2: Penn Badgley Talks the ‘Isolating’ Nature of Playing Joe

Back in the fall of 2018, stalker drama “You” premiered on Lifetime to modest critical acclaim and even more modest viewership. IndieWire’s review of the first season praised “You” for being a “clever and twisty series,” as well as “a bold take on tropes that some romcoms might cast in an adorable light.” Based on

Why There Won’t Be Any Baby Yoda Toys Until Spring 2020

The Child, AKA Baby Yoda, is the breakout star of the fall television season, but fans won’t be able to get their hands on licensed merchandise of the “The Mandalorian” mascot until April 2020. The official Baby Yoda plush from Mattel is slated for an April release, while a Funko Pop! figure won’t be available

How ‘Mrs. Fletcher’ Star Jen Richards Rewrote Trans Cliches for HBO

Since breaking triumphantly onto the scene with her Emmy-nominated web series “Her Story,” writer and actress Jen Richards has quietly carved a niche as one of the most influential trans women working in Hollywood today. Not only did “Her Story” break ground as one of the first successful trans projects written by a trans creator,

Elizabeth Olsen Explores the Messy Glory of the Uncurated Life

During the fourth episode of the second season of Facebook Watch’s stellar drama “Sorry For Your Loss,” Leigh (played to perfection by Elizabeth Olsen) tells her editor that he’d have her copy in an hour – “90 minutes, tops” – before turning back to an empty screen, waiting for her words to come.  It’s a

‘The Dark Crystal’: Nathalie Emmanuel and Beccy Henderson Break Down Playing Deet’s Two Voices

[Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.”] Viewers of “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” on Netflix will notice that for each puppet character, usually two performers are credited. One is the more well-known celebrity name such as Bill Hader, Awkwafina, or Lena Headey, will the other is a

‘On Becoming a God’ Star Discusses That Kinky, Slap-Happy Scene

[Editor’s Note: The following interview contains spoilers for “On Becoming a God in Central Florida” Episode 4, “Manifest Destinee.”] On Showtime’s satirical “On Becoming a God in Central Florida,” the destructive FAM pyramid scheme has torn families apart and could even be blamed for the death of one character by alligator. But on Sunday’s episode,

‘The Terror: Infamy’ Ghost Reveals Her Terrifying True Face in the Most Heartbreaking Episode Yet

[Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers from “The Terror: Infamy” Episode 4, “The Weak Are Meat.”] On Monday’s episode of “The Terror: Infamy,” the restless ghost known as Yuko (Kiki Sukezane) finally uncovers her true face in one of the most gruesome moments in the series to date. The unconventional ghost story, set against the