‘Dispatches From Elsewhere’ Review: Jason Segel’s Ambitious AMC Series Is More Grating Than Great

There are isolated moments of grandeur within “Dispatches From Elsewhere,” an eccentric new anthology series from creator and star Jason Segel. What feels like a wake-up call for anyone who’s been binge-watching TV too long (yes, hello, it is I, your diligent TV critic), the hourlong AMC drama begs its viewers to stop watching life

‘Babies’ Review: Clinical Netflix Doc Series About Toddlers Puts Academics Over Experiences

Babies can’t really talk. At least not in the way that documentary participants tend to. It’s an unfortunate fact that puts the Netflix series “Babies” at a bit of a disadvantage — making a six-part series about toddlers means that it’s impossible to get traditional input from its main subjects. What “Babies” chooses instead to

‘Better Call Saul’ Review: Season 5 Brings the Pain as the Saddest Show on TV Nears an End

We’ve entered the dark times on “Better Call Saul.” Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould’s prequel to “Breaking Bad” has always been one of the more heart-wrenching tragedies on television, but following his brother’s suicide and the permanent, embittering effect it had on Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk), any hope for a happy ending has vanished. Nuanced

‘Duncanville’ Review: Amy Poehler’s Clever Fox Comedy Is Still Finding Its Footing

For the last three decades, Fox animated comedies have been modeled after the network’s biggest hit. So by now, we’ve seen dozens of “Simpsons” variations — where a working-class family faces fresh problems every week, and satirize certain trends or parody select pieces of pop culture while solving them. The classic sitcom structure (emphasis on

‘Kidding’ Season 2 Review: Jim Carrey’s Showtime Comedy Delivers on Its Ambitious Potential

The new season of “Kidding” is exactly the kind of Season 2 every show should strive for. Dave Holstein’s debut episodes offered an intriguing premise, imaginative storytelling, and strong performances (especially from star Jim Carrey), but the show’s morbid subject matter was overly emphasized by dark atmospherics and difficult tonal swings — a black comedy

‘Saturday Night Live’ Review: J.J. Watt Charms, But Alec Baldwin’s Trump Impression Is Only Getting Worse

With kickoff mere hours away at the Super Bowl LIV, “Saturday Night Live” capitalized on the fervor of the big game the only way it knows how: with an athlete as host. The position is the one brand of “SNL” host that provides the most unknowns heading into an episode, as athletes aren’t necessarily performers.

‘Saturday Night Live’ Review: The Best and Worst of Adam Driver’s Third Time Hosting

Adam Driver no doubt a talented actor, but as he’s proven with his previous hosting stints on “Saturday Night Live,” he’s also a pretty funny dude. (Sure, he’s proven that in his films too, but live sketch comedy is a little different, you dig?) The combination of that talented actor thing — as he’s currently

‘Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens’ Review: Comedy Central Series Is as Awkward as Its Title

One year since the final season of “Broad City” debuted, Comedy Central is releasing its heir apparent. “Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens” makes a few tweaks to the formula, including a singular borough (rather than Queens and Brooklyn), a singular lead (Awkwafina steps in for the double act of Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson), and

‘Avenue 5’ Review: Hugh Laurie Steers HBO’s Chaotic Space Odyssey Through a Rocky Start

Having eviscerated political systems on both sides of the Atlantic — and then witnessed each democracy devolve further than any satiric takedown could’ve imagined — it makes sense to see Armando Iannucci flee Earth for the final frontier. The creator of “Veep” and “The Thick of It” returns to HBO with “Avenue 5,” a space

‘Deputy’ Review: Stephen Dorff’s By-the-Book Cop Drama Gets the Job Done

One of the better moments in “True Detective” Season 3 is when an aged Wayne “Purple” Hays (Mahershala Ali) looks at Roland “I’m a Feminist” West (Stephen Dorff) and begs his former partner to “stir some shit up with me.” It’s the kind of favor only former lawmen can ask of each other — one