Joke’s on us: The biggest (and most disappointing) surprises from the 2020 Oscar nominations

They rule the box office and dominate the cultural conversation. Now, superheroes have come for award season, too. One year after Black Panther racked up a bunch of Oscar nods in categories major and technical, any lingering genre bias against cape-and-cowl fare appears to have disappeared on the wind like the ashen… Read more… Source

The Hypnotic ‘Uncut Gems’ Score Mashes Synth and Prog-Rock — Watch a Behind-the-Scenes Video

“Uncut Gems” deserves an award for Most Stressful Theatrical Experience, and it’s cranked up to 11 thanks to composer Daniel Lopatin. He mashed synth sounds and elements of ’70s prog-rock to create a unique sonic environment that stands as its own work of art. Lopatin is better known by his recording alias of Oneohtrix Point

‘1917’ Pulls Crowds as ‘Uncut Gems’ and ‘Parasite’ Draw the Awards Spotlight

Golden Globes weekend is the time for thriving awards titles to pull audiences as they expand their runs. The standout among recent openers is Christmas Day release “1917” (Universal), with a rare second-weekend increase. “Uncut Gems” (A24) continues to stun as a wide release success. And “Parasite” (Neon) keeps accruing more high numbers, even before

‘1917’ Starts Strong, ‘Just Mercy’ Shows Promise, but ‘Uncut Gems’ Dominates Box Office

“1917” (Universal) is the standout new limited release, placing it among the best of the year and boosting its upcoming dates and awards chances. “Just Mercy” (Warner Bros.) and “Clemency” (Neon), both serious dramas focusing on the death penalty, weren’t as strong but each performed at the levels expected. “Uncut Gems” (A24), hardly typical wide-release

As Specialized Movies Face Holiday Box Office Storm, ‘Parasite’ Hangs Tight

Specialty fare enjoyed a strong fall, well ahead of award kudos, as “Judy (“Roadside Attractions), “Harriet” (Focus Features), “Parasite” (Neon), and “Jojo Rabbit” (Fox Searchlight) all passed the $20 million mark. But being late to the party turned out to be a risky strategy this year. Both “Bombshell” (Lionsgate) and “Uncut Gems” (A24) are riding

The Safdie brothers on Uncut Gems and how they convinced Adam Sandler to take the role of his career

Howard Ratner, the New York City jeweler and outrageous gambling addict Adam Sandler plays in Uncut Gems, is a force of pure loquacious chaos. Over more than two hours, he never really stops talking: wheeling, dealing, making bets and excuses, exploding with joy and anger, monopolizing every conversation he stumbles… Read more… Source link

‘Uncut Gems’ and ‘Bombshell’ Soar, Malick’s ‘A Hidden Life’ Drags

This pre-Christmas weekend often launches awards contenders into limited release ahead of wider audience attention. Both “Uncut Gems” (A24) and “Bombshell” (Lionsgate) gambled and won, clicking with strong New York/Los Angeles performances. On the other hand, Terrence Malick’s “A Hidden Life” (Fox Searchlight), though never expected to have the same potential, fell far short of

Adam Sandler and the Uncut Gems cast on diamond deals, basketball, and Oh, Hello

In Uncut Gems, Adam Sandler plays “Howard Ratner,” a harried diamond dealer who’s frantically looking for the next big score, all while juggling his family, his mistress, and his creditors. It’s a role that Sandler plays masterfully, and one that could lead audiences to wonder why Sandler doesn’t take on more serious… Read more… Source

Noah Baumbach makes a moving divorce drama, and Adam Sandler plays a tornado of self-destruction

“I feel like I’m in a dream,” Charlie (Adam Driver) tells Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) the moment after she serves him divorce papers. The papers aren’t a surprise—he knew this day was coming, and there’s little indication that he believes that their differences are, as they say, reconcilable. For both parties, it’s… Read more… Source link