Drenched in grit, gore, and neon, VFW is an action throwback that hits all the right notes

Under different circumstances, VFW—an action movie about a group of combat veterans whose watering hole comes under attack by junkie mutants—could easily have become a “kids these days” anti-millennial screed. A majority of the film’s cast got their AARP cards a long time ago, and recurring imagery of old-timers… Read more… Source link

Underwater proves Kristen Stewart is more than ready to be a bonafide action star

In some ways, it’s ironic that Sigourney Weaver’s star-making performance as Lieutenant Ellen Ripley in Alien has become synonymous with “badass heroine.” After all, a big part of what makes Weaver so effective in the role is she’s doing the antithesis of action-star posturing. She makes Ripley unsure of her… Read more… Source link

Michael Bay brings his action mayhem (and Ryan Reynolds) to Netflix with 6 Underground

Netflix has spent the last year or two establishing itself as a destination for big-name filmmakers with ambitious projects. If Martin Scorsese needs extra millions to invest in de-aging effects for a 210-minute crime epic or the Coen brothers want to make an eclectic Western anthology, Netflix is there, cash in hand… Read more… Source

I Guess We’re Getting a New, Live Action Inspector Gadget

Because it worked so well the first time around, Hollywood is saying “Go, go, reboot arm!” and developing a new, live action version of the classic cartoon Inspector Gadget. According to the Hollywood Reporter Disney has Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich – the producers behind the successful live-action Aladdin – working on the project with a

In the year of Dirty Harry, an unlikely action phenomenon made hippies the heroes

When he was getting ready to make Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood, his dizzy reimagining of 1969 Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino invited Brad Pitt over to talk about the role of Cliff Booth, a laconic stuntman with violent tendencies. When they were done talking about the character, Tarantino wanted to show Pitt his 35mm… Read

The Mission: Impossible Franchise Has One of the Action Genre’s Best Portrayals of Male Friendship

When you think of action movies, one of the defining characteristics that comes to mind is usually not affectionate male friendships. As sad as it is, the action genre as a whole seems to be heavily catered towards (and exploitative of) the male ego and usually gives its viewers what it assumes think they want:

‘Angel Has Fallen’ Review: A Deranged Nick Nolte Meets Hollywood’s Laziest Action Franchise

No, you don’t need to have seen “Olympus Has Fallen” and/or “London Has Fallen” to understand the eminently disposable third chapter of the Mike Banning chronicles. It’s not that complicated: Gerard Butler is an elite Secret Service agent with a heart of gold and a face of raw meat, he’s saved the free world a

John Wick‘s Chad Stahelski to Amp Up Action Scenes in Birds of Prey

The highly anticipated Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) film is getting a shot of adrenaline. John Wick director Chad Stahelski has signed on to design and shoot additional action sequences for the film. Stahelski will do uncredited work overseeing second unit photography, working alongside the film’s director Cathy Yan.

The twist is better, but the shark action isn’t, in 47 Meters Down sequel Uncaged

As killer-shark movies go, 47 Meters Down didn’t exactly make anyone forget Deep Blue Sea (much less Jaws), but it did at least take place 47 meters down—a depth that actually factored into the story. That title becomes irrelevant, except as a dubious branding tool, in 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, an even less inspired… Read