America to Continue Its Love Affair With Talented Folks in Masks in The Masked Dancer

The golden era of celebrities performing in masks continues as FOX and Ellen DeGeneres team up for The Masked Dancer. A spin-off of the inexplicably popular The Masked Singer, The Masked Dancer will feature a panel of judges trying to guess the identity of the celebrity sweatily pop and locking while dressed as a skateboarding

The Goldfinch's Aneurin Barnard on the internet's love affair with Finn Wolfhard

In The Goldfinch, Aneurin Barnard and Finn Wolfhard play the same guy—Boris, a Ukrainian kid who’s moved around a lot and befriends Theo while living in a desolate subdivision outside Las Vegas. Wolfhard plays the teenage version, while Barnard plays the grown up, slightly more hardened version. Read more… Source link