Steve McQueen Says BAFTAs Will Have ‘No Credibility’ If They Don’t Wake Up to Diversity

Last week, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts came under fire for featuring wall-to-wall white nominees across its four main acting categories, a result that sparked not only #BAFTAsSoWhite outrage across Twitter, but also encouraged the BAFTAs to review their nomination process. In a recent interview with The Guardian, filmmaker Steve McQueen, who

The Oscars Need to Recognize the Female-Dominated Field of Casting Directors Like the BAFTAs

Think about your favorite film. Think about your favorite characters in that film, and the performances the actors give. Assembling a cast that’s as strong as the Avengers is a Herculean task in any film, and we have casting directors to thank for that. However, despite being key to the success of any ensemble or