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Berlinale Dau. Natasha Film

Russian Director Behind Berlin Winner ‘DAU. Natasha’ Plans to Fight Propaganda Charges

One of this year’s Berlinale selections has already sparked controversy as the festival comes to a close this weekend. “DAU. Natasha,” the sophomore feature from Russian director Ilya Khrzhanovskiy, is a harrowing film experiment in which the director built a vast 42,000-square-foot set in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and cast some 352,000 people to live 24 hours …

angela schanelec i was at home but movie review

The Berlin prizewinner I Was At Home, But… might be too inscrutable for its own good

What does it mean when we call something opaque? The word seems to fit the work of the German director Angela Schanelec, despite the lucid visual qualities of her style: the crisply defined compositions, stiff posing, and cold, unfiltered light. There’s rarely any ambiguity about what the audience is looking at. Her… Read more… Source …