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doris day lover come back pillow talk rock hudson send me no flowers when romance met comedy

America eased into the ’60s with the bedroom comedies of Doris Day and Rock Hudson

In turbulent times, we often look to pop culture for comfort. So as America moved out of the idealized era of Eisenhower and sock hops and into an uncertain future of The Feminine Mystique and the pill, Doris Day and Rock Hudson pioneered a new genre of romantic comedies to ease us from one decade …

Box Office Film good boys Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

‘Good Boys’ Tops Box Office, Bringing Hope For Original Comedies

Universal is shaking off the damage from pulling “The Hunt” from release, but it can take comfort in the surprise showing of R-rated comedy “Good Boys.” Not only is it the first original film to reach number one since “Us” in March (another Universal title), but it also shows the depth of the studio’s lower-budget …

Natalie Zea Samantha Bee television The Detour

‘The Detour’ Deserves a Second Life on HBO Max, Along With Cable’s Other Overlooked Comedies

The peak TV era has seen many tragic casualties, but basic cable comedies may top the list. From (relatively) long-running critical favorites like “You’re the Worst” and “Angie Tribeca” to short-lived gems like “The Comedians” and “Detroiters,” subscription TV networks without a dedicated streaming component have struggled to turn quality programs into award-winning, buzzy, or …