Stephen Colbert Is Right: You Don’t Need The Hobbit to Enjoy The Lord of the Rings

New Line Cinema I have a confession which I’m sure will have some people crying out for the immediate return of my nerd card: I’ve never finished The Hobbit. Neither the book nor the film trilogy. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy some of what I got to, I just didn’t feel compelled to finish,

Steve McQueen Says BAFTAs Will Have ‘No Credibility’ If They Don’t Wake Up to Diversity

Last week, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts came under fire for featuring wall-to-wall white nominees across its four main acting categories, a result that sparked not only #BAFTAsSoWhite outrage across Twitter, but also encouraged the BAFTAs to review their nomination process. In a recent interview with The Guardian, filmmaker Steve McQueen, who

Michael Moore Calls ‘Joker’ a Masterpiece: ‘The Greater Danger to Society May Be If You Don’t See This Movie’

Everyone has an opinion about “Joker,” and today, it’s Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Michael Moore. The outspoken director sounded off on the most controversial movie of the year via a Facebook post Saturday morning. Todd Phillips’ revisionist DC origin story, starring Joaquin Phoenix, has already collected $40 million for its opening day, and is on

A time-traveling phone call is the most convincing part of Don’t Let Go

When Los Angeles homicide detective Jack Radcliff (David Oyelowo) starts getting phone calls from his beloved niece, Ashley (Storm Reid), it comes as a shock. Not that the two haven’t been close; time and again, he has stepped in to act as a surrogate for his brother, Garret (Brian Tyree Henry), a bipolar musician… Read

John Carpenter on ‘Halloween’ Series Ending: Don’t Count on It

Like Michael Myers himself, the “Halloween” franchise just can’t be killed. During a panel at Keystone Comic Con in Philadelphia over the weekend, creator John Carpenter assured audiences that his horror series won’t be ending anytime soon, as reported by TheWrap. “As long as there’s money in this, I wouldn’t count on an ending,” Carpenter

Things We Saw Today: He-Man Is Coming to Netflix but Don’t Expect a She-Ra Crossover

Given the success of Netflix’s She-Ra series, it seemed natural that He-Man would eventually find his way to the streaming platform, and now he has. Kevin Smith announced at Power-Con this weekend that he’ll be executive producing the new limited series, Masters of the Universe: Revelation. The “anime series,” as Smith described it, will focus

You don’t need to love Springsteen to like the thoughtful crowd-pleaser Blinded By The Light

Blinded By The Light is the latest in what writer-director Gurinder Chadha calls her “genially subversive” filmography, made up of feel-good movies that also tackle difficult topics like racism, sexism, class, and cultural divides. Based on the real-life experience of journalist Sarfraz Manzoor (who also co-wrote the… Read more… Source link

I Don’t Buy Upcoming Film Adam’s LGBTQA-Friendly Advertising

Did you know Adam is coming out soon? Based on the book of the same name by proud-and-out lesbian Ariel Schrag, Rhys Ernst’s film is set for a limited release on August 14th but will no doubt be given a larger release once it hits streaming services later this year, but why should you care