‘Duncanville’ Review: Amy Poehler’s Clever Fox Comedy Is Still Finding Its Footing

For the last three decades, Fox animated comedies have been modeled after the network’s biggest hit. So by now, we’ve seen dozens of “Simpsons” variations — where a working-class family faces fresh problems every week, and satirize certain trends or parody select pieces of pop culture while solving them. The classic sitcom structure (emphasis on

A New Jersey Woman Has Only Acceptable Response To Finding a Pennywise Doll Floating In Her Backyard: She Set It on Fire

Imagine enjoying a quiet afternoon in your backyard when a Pennywise doll with weird symbols scrawled onto its forehead floats into your backyard. Renee Jensen of New Jersey had this happen to her this past weekend in a story that’s actually all kinds of horrifying. Headline of the day. Pennywise the clown doll floated into

Troian Bellisario and Zoe Chao on finding themselves in Where'd You Go, Bernadette

Though the star of Where’d You Go, Bernadette is undoubtedly Cate Blanchett—she plays the titular Bernadette, after all—the actress is joined by a really stellar supporting cast, including everyone from Kristen Wiig to a number of baby penguins. Zoe Chao and Troian Bellisario are two members of that cast, both playing… Read more… Source link