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‘Duncanville’ Review: Amy Poehler’s Clever Fox Comedy Is Still Finding Its Footing

For the last three decades, Fox animated comedies have been modeled after the network’s biggest hit. So by now, we’ve seen dozens of “Simpsons” variations — where a working-class family faces fresh problems every week, and satirize certain trends or parody select pieces of pop culture while solving them. The classic sitcom structure (emphasis on …

andy daisy downton abbey michael c fox sophie mcshera

Downton Abbey's Michael C. Fox and Sophie McShera on whether Daisy's a vampire

On Downton Abbey, time is often marked in costume changes. When the show started, hair was long and gowns were complicated, but as the show went on, wars happened, cars became more popular, and dresses got less fussy. The times, they were a-changing. At least, that’s what it looked like upstairs. Downstairs, amongst… Read more… …