Greta Gerwig Deserves More Credit for Her Filmography’s Examination of Money

(image: A24, Columbia Pictures, IFC Films, Fox Searchlight Pictures) As a filmmaker, Greta Gerwig’s artistic sensibilities have long been unfairly questioned. This year, she and all the other women making films were snubbed by most of the major awards. For many years, Gerwig was seen as the muse of her partner, Noah Baumbach, her significance

This Christmas, Greta Gerwig gives us all the gift of a faithful but adventurous new Little Women

For our final week of Film Club this year, we have three new installments for you. Next up, our critics A.A. Dowd and Katie Rife gush about Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of the American literary classic, Little Women. It’s a film that manages to stay faithful to the source material, while still offering up a few

Greta Gerwig to Interview Laura Dern for ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ — Exclusive

Ovation TV has announced the latest hosts and guests of the new season of “Inside the Actors Studio,” and the new network’s rotating host format is proving very exciting so far. Academy Award nominee Greta Gerwig will be interviewing Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner Laura Dern in an upcoming episode, as well as Tony