Baby-Sitters Club Casting News Is the Only Good Thing About Today

Everything is on fire, so let’s take a small bit of comfort and joy in the absolutely fantastic casting news and first images from Netflix’s upcoming Baby-Sitters Club series. We need this. First off, here are our titular babysitters: Kristy Thomas (Sophie Grace) (Jesse Austin/Netflix) Stacey McGill (Shay Rudolph) (Jesse Austin/Netflix) Mary-Anne Spier (Malia Baker)

Ana de Armas is way too good for the lousy, sub-De Palma thriller The Night Clerk

Every once in a while, someone gets lucky right out the gate. But most actors begin their careers doing time in throwaway B-movies and misbegotten programmers. The Night Clerk, for example, must have looked like a great opportunity for a pre-Knives Out Ana de Armas, who only had one big role under her belt—the… Read

The Berlin prizewinner I Was At Home, But… might be too inscrutable for its own good

What does it mean when we call something opaque? The word seems to fit the work of the German director Angela Schanelec, despite the lucid visual qualities of her style: the crisply defined compositions, stiff posing, and cold, unfiltered light. There’s rarely any ambiguity about what the audience is looking at. Her… Read more… Source

Even a Sword Historian Agrees That Henry Cavill Looks Good Wielding a Sword

Netflix published a YouTube video in which Henry Cavill breaks down his fighting style as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher. In the video, he talks about each of the different swords in the show, and how he needed them to be “modified to suit his needs.” Delicious. Anyway, Polygon spoke with Gregory Mele, who

The Good Place Was the Perfect Antidote to the Trump Era

(image: NBC) After four seasons, NBC’s The Good Place ended its run last week with a super-sized finale. And while the show ended as creator Mike Schur had planned, comedy fans are nevertheless sad to see one of the most original and heartfelt sitcoms of the decade wrap up. Like life, the series was sweet,

Things We Saw Today: With Eddie Murphy and Lizzo Saturday Night Live Was Good as Hell!

Maybe we should call this things we say last night? Saturday Night Live is hit and miss nowadays but man was last night a legit hit thanks entirely to the long-awaited return of Eddie Murphy as a host. Murphy hasn’t gone live from New York for over thirty years, but it was worth the wait

‘The Good Place’ Review: Season 4 Readies for the End with Divine Wit

Watching “The Good Place” is an oft-overwhelming experience. Whether it’s trying to guess what swearwords match up with “cork blork,” or identifying the casual burn tossed at an overinflated celebrity, or simply absorbing the love, trust, and goodwill baked into the core cast, Michael Schur’s NBC comedy has become an addictive rush and a mind-boggling

Things We Saw Today: Ava DuVernay Brings up a Good Point About How We Cover Artists

Talking about the story being told in a movie is almost second nature at this point. We focus on the characters and their journey, and we rarely look at the craft behind bringing that story to life. Promoting her interview with Matt Zoller Seitz, acclaimed director Ava DuVernay pointed out that she is rarely asked

We Have All the Details on the Good Omens DVD/Blu-ray Extras

The Good Omens DVD/Blu-ray will be available on November 5th, 2019, and we have the rundown on the special bonus features. We knew courtesy of Good Omens co-author and showrunner Neil Gaiman that the DVD/Blu-ray would feature some deleted scenes and audio commentary. Now comes the news that we’ll have even more content that dives deep

Things We Saw Today: The Good Omens DVD Will Indeed Have Deleted Scenes and Commentary

In my recent Good Omens gift guide, I invoked author/showrunner Neil Gaiman to ensure that we would get a DVD/Blu-ray release chockfull of extras. I’m not saying that I’m an angelic being of great power or anything, but Neil Gaiman has now confirmed that deleted scenes and commentary for all six episodes of the series