Drenched in grit, gore, and neon, VFW is an action throwback that hits all the right notes

Under different circumstances, VFW—an action movie about a group of combat veterans whose watering hole comes under attack by junkie mutants—could easily have become a “kids these days” anti-millennial screed. A majority of the film’s cast got their AARP cards a long time ago, and recurring imagery of old-timers… Read more… Source link

SXSW 2020 Announces More Feature Film Additions, Including Robust Midnight Slate and Sundance Hits

After unveiling its first lineup of feature film offerings last month, the SXSW Film Festival is rolling out more additions to its 2020 program. The annual Texas festival has already announced its features and episodic premieres, and now those picks are joined by Midnighters, Festival Favorites, Shorts, and Special Events, plus late-addition features and the

Review: Carnival Row Is a Victorian Fantasy That Hits Too Close to Home

I haven’t stopped thinking about Carnival Row since I binged the first season over the weekend. For good and ill, the show sticks with you, because it’s so damned close to the social chaos that’s gripping our world. It just happens to feature a whole lot of fairies. ***Minor spoilers for Carnival Row ahead*** Carnival Row arrives