The Berlin prizewinner I Was At Home, But… might be too inscrutable for its own good

What does it mean when we call something opaque? The word seems to fit the work of the German director Angela Schanelec, despite the lucid visual qualities of her style: the crisply defined compositions, stiff posing, and cold, unfiltered light. There’s rarely any ambiguity about what the audience is looking at. Her… Read more… Source

‘Saturday Night Live’ Review: Eddie Murphy Returns Home for the First Time in 35 Years

It’s been 35 years since Eddie Murphy hosted “Saturday Night Live,” practically to the day. The last episode he hosted was actually a Christmas episode — from Season 10 — which aired on December 15, 1984. While he technically did return to “SNL” back in 2015, during the “40th Anniversary Special,” he only made a

Steven Spielberg’s ‘Masters of the Air’ Finds Home at Apple TV+

Less than a month before launch, Apple TV+ has announced the first series that it will actually own in-house via its own production studio: the limited drama series “Masters of the Air,” the third installment in Steven Spielberg’s “Band of Brothers”/”The Pacific” WWII saga. Based on the nonfiction book “Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber

Jada Pinkett Smith on Angel Has Fallen, Red Table Talk, and staying home

Jada Pinkett Smith hadn’t acted in two years before she signed on to Angel Has Fallen, but it wasn’t like she was sitting around twiddling her thumbs. Smith is the creator, host, and producer of the Facebook Watch phenomenon Red Table Talk, which she appears on with her daughter, Willow, and her mother, Adrienne… Read

Review: Carnival Row Is a Victorian Fantasy That Hits Too Close to Home

I haven’t stopped thinking about Carnival Row since I binged the first season over the weekend. For good and ill, the show sticks with you, because it’s so damned close to the social chaos that’s gripping our world. It just happens to feature a whole lot of fairies. ***Minor spoilers for Carnival Row ahead*** Carnival Row arrives