NBC Announces Dwayne Johnson Comedy and Jimmy Fallon-Led Musical Variety Series

NBC’s slate of upcoming television shows includes “Young Rock,” a comedy about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s childhood, and a Jimmy Fallon-led musical variety series titled “That’s My Jam.” NBC Entertainment Chairman Paul Telegdy discussed a variety of the network’s new and returning series during the network’s executive session at the Television Critics Association’s 2020 Winter

Nope, seeing Cats the musical will not help you understand Cats the movie

Three months into my freshman year of theater school, I found myself fake-laughing my way through a raucous parody of Cats—a show I had never actually seen, but one that was apparently being hilariously skewered based on the reactions of everyone around me. As a lifelong musical theater fan, Cats was my most… Read more…

Riverdale Has a Bret Easton Ellis Character and I Just Want Someone to Sing American Psycho the Musical!

Last week, fans of The CW’s Riverdale watched as Jughead became Forsythe Pendleton “Jughead” Jones III at his new school, but one character at this school, who we briefly met when Jughead was still deciding whether or not he wanted to come to Stonewall Prep, struck my fancy. Why? Well, his name is Brett Weston

‘Transparent’ Review: Amazon’s Musical Finale Strikes the Wrong Chord, Too Many Times

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for the “Transparent” series finale, “Transparent: The Musicale Finale.”] Right off the bat, it’s jarring to see “Transparent” go the “La La Land” route — opening not only with a big musical number, but with a bad song about L.A. traffic. As Sarah Pfefferman (Amy Landecker) belts out

How Bruce Springsteen Musical ‘Blinded by the Light’ Makes Corniness Feel Cool Again

Days before last January’s rapturous Sundance premiere of “Blinded by the Light,” director Gurinder Chadha was struggling with her decision to cut the best scene in the entire film. “It’s just not going to work,” she remembered thinking. “It’s too fucking corny. And we’re already going to get it in the neck from so many