Drenched in grit, gore, and neon, VFW is an action throwback that hits all the right notes

Under different circumstances, VFW—an action movie about a group of combat veterans whose watering hole comes under attack by junkie mutants—could easily have become a “kids these days” anti-millennial screed. A majority of the film’s cast got their AARP cards a long time ago, and recurring imagery of old-timers… Read more… Source link

Things We Saw Today: Netflix Releases The Witcher Soundtrack With Picture-Perfect Album Notes

Netflix finally released the official soundtrack for The Witcher, and they had a lot of fun with the release announcement. Unlike the show’s normally dark high fantasy marketing look, the streaming network gave fans the light-hearted Easter eggs we deserve. The bard’s greatest ballads finally all in one place. The Witcher Soundtrack Vol. 1 available