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Brad Bird Film holly hunter incredibles 2 the pixar moment

Incredibles 2 showed the “real” superheroes how it’s done

Let’s be honest: Superhero action was never designed for the physical world. Studios have done their best over the years, spending millions on “live-action” visual effects shots designed to mimic spectacle that originally cost a couple of bucks’ worth of ink and paper to create. But the end result has typically been… Read more… Source …

Dirty John Maggie Kiley TV

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story’s Maggie Kiley Talks Hollywood Diversity Programs, “Love Gone Wrong,” and Whether Season 2 Has a Real Villain

image: USA The first season of Dirty John told the story of a con artist who manipulated and terrorized women. In season two, the show moves from Bravo to USA for a completely new installment. This season focuses on Betty Broderick, who, in the 1980s, murdered her ex-husband and his young new wife after suffering through …

eric idle graham chapman john cleese michael palin monty python monty python and the holy grail Terry Gilliam terry jones watch this

Camelot was the proper model for Monty Python’s first real movie

Watch This offers movie recommendations inspired by new releases, premieres, current events, or occasionally just our own inscrutable whims. This week: David Lowery’s The Green Knight, starring Dev Patel as King Arthur’s nephew Gawain, has been postponed. But there are plenty of other interesting takes on the… Read more… Source link

burt reynolds recommends smokey and the bandit watch this

It’s the drivers, not the driving, that supply the real fun in mega-hit Smokey And The Bandit

Watch This offers movie recommendations inspired by new releases, premieres, current events, or occasionally just our own inscrutable whims. This week: The latest Fast & Furious movie has been pushed back a full year, so why not cope with its absence by checking out some other movies with car chases in them? Read more… Source link

documentary lana wilson Netflix taylor swift

Taylor Swift tiptoes toward something real in the Netflix documentary Miss Americana

A massive part of Taylor Swift’s massive appeal is the notion that she’s an open book. Toward the beginning of the new Netflix documentary Miss Americana, she describes the fan experience of listening to her records as “kind of like reading my diary,” after literally reading some of her old diary entries directly to… Read …

Clint Eastwood Film Paul Walter Hauser Richard Jewell

‘Richard Jewell’ Star on Olivia Wilde Role: ‘There Are Casualties in Storytelling Just Like in Real Life’

The last two weeks have been complicated for “Richard Jewell.” Clint Eastwood’s dramatization of the security guard who saved lives at the Centennial Olympic Park bombing during the Atlanta Games of 1996, only to find himself targeted by the FBI and the media as a suspect, became an immediate awards season contender following its AFI …

Beth Morgan Costumes GLOW Netflix television

‘GLOW’: Breaking Down the Best Looks of Season 3, From Real Showgirl Costumes to Big Character Evolutions

[Editor’s note: The following post contains some spoilers for “GLOW” Season 3.] After two seasons leading the costuming department on Netflix’s hit series “GLOW,” series costume designer Beth Morgan couldn’t wait to go crazy when the show decamped for Las Vegas for its third season. While the wrestling-centric series has always married do-it-yourself pluckiness with high …