Archie from Riverdale finds love, faith, and a guitar in the blandly inspirational I Still Believe

Early in I Still Believe, a young man is given a guitar by his family. He is moved and delighted by the gift, and climbs aboard a Greyhound bus, carrying only the instrument and a threadbare duffel bag. The bus leaves Lafayette, Indiana, and heads for a small bible college in sunny California, and as

Riverdale Has a Bret Easton Ellis Character and I Just Want Someone to Sing American Psycho the Musical!

Last week, fans of The CW’s Riverdale watched as Jughead became Forsythe Pendleton “Jughead” Jones III at his new school, but one character at this school, who we briefly met when Jughead was still deciding whether or not he wanted to come to Stonewall Prep, struck my fancy. Why? Well, his name is Brett Weston

Riverdale Said Goodbye to Luke Perry with All the Grace & Heart You Could Hope For

Since the sudden death of actor Luke Perry, we’ve known that Riverdale would be paying tribute to the man who portrayed Fred Andrews, one of the only good parents on the show. Perry left behind a huge pop culture legacy, and we also knew that his 90210 co-star, Shannen Doherty, would be joining the cast