Being shot at the Olympics is about all the Nick Kroll romance Olympic Dreams has going for it

Shot during the 2018 Winter games in Pyeongchang, Olympic Dreams plays a bit like Escape From Tomorrow, the no-budget indie that was notable exclusively for having been shot guerrilla-style on location at Disney World and Epcot. In this case, the filmmakers had express permission from the powers that be, yet there’s… Read more… Source link

Taboo romance gets a clumsy workout in And Then We Danced

“There is no sex in Georgian dance,” declares a gruff dance instructor named Aliko (Kakha Gogidze) at the beginning of Levan Akin’s And Then We Danced. The line’s obvious irony inspires titters from his students, who are uniformly young, hot, and fit; as we will soon learn, sex is just about the only thing they

‘Premature’ Trailer: Rashaad Ernesto Green’s Luminous New York-Set Romance

As the Sundance Film Festival kicks into high gear, one of last year’s breakout films is finally poised to reach winder audiences. A New York-set love story that introduced a fresh-faced talent in poet and actress Zora Howard, who also co-wrote the screenplay, “Premature” is the second feature film from “Gun Hill Road” director Rashaad

Weathering With You is an odd, enchanting teen romance from the director of Your Name

Depending on how the next decade of life on Earth goes, people may one day look back on writer-director Makoto Shinkai’s offbeat animated fantasy-romance Weathering With You as one of the most prescient movies of its era. If we’re lucky, it’ll be seen as merely quaint. Or if we’re extremely unlucky, this sweet,… Read more…

Our critics swoon for the slow-burn romance of Portrait Of A Lady On Fire

For today’s second Film Club installment, our critics discuss our favorite film out of Cannes, the rapturous romance from Céline Sciamma, Portrait Of A Lady On Fire. Join A.A. Dowd and Katie Rife as they discuss what makes Portrait the year’s most seductive and intoxicating love story. Source link

Boomers got a sappy, square, old-fashioned romance of their own with Love Story

The ’60s didn’t change everything. Maybe they didn’t change anything. That might be the great lesson of Love Story, the ultra-conventional romantic weepie that bulldozed everything else at the 1970 box office. Love Story came after a whole procession of late-’60s blockbusters that challenged conventional assumptions… Read more… Source link

Elizabeth Debicki brings what passion she can to the banal biopic romance of Vita & Virginia

Taking on a role for which one of the world’s most famous actors has won an Oscar—not all that long ago, even—has to be mighty intimidating. It didn’t work out so well for Julianne Moore as the new Clarice Starling in Hannibal, but Moore eventually received a gold statuette of her own, and so may