‘Avenue 5’: Hugh Laurie on the Underlying Significance of His Space Captain’s Big Secret

While making his onscreen debut in Armando Iannucci’s HBO series, Hugh Laurie gets the hero’s treatment. Doors part, the silver-haired leader emerges, and Laurie’s character strides down a hallway filled with supporters, greeting them with an encouraging smile and a heartening quip. They’re all thrilled to see him, and why shouldn’t they be? Senator Tom

For HBO Max, Diversity Is More Than PC; It’s a Secret Weapon For Success

In 2018, women and people of color directed 58% of HBO’s episodic programming, up from 35% in 2015. Now the network wants to accelerate its diversification by focusing on craftspeople with HBO POV — aka Power of Visibility. HBO launched its award-winning multicultural marketing division more than eight years ago under the leadership of Lucinda

‘Tell Me Who I Am’ Review: A Harrowing Netflix Doc About Twins Separated by Secret Trauma

There have been any number of films about the invention of self-identity — about how, as Kurt Vonnegut might put it, people are who they pretend to be. It was a universal phenomenon long before the likes of Jay Gatsby turned it into an American pastime, or the internet made us all into avatars of

‘The Onania Club’ Trailer: ‘Human Centipede’ Director Tackles a Secret Masturbation Society

Three years after finishing “The Human Centipede” trilogy, Dutch writer/director Tom Six is officially set to return to theaters with his latest horror shocker “The Onania Club.” While specific plot details have thus far remained a mystery, the newly released first official trailer introduces a woman protagonist aroused by scenes of immense violence or tragedy.

Good Boys' Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon, and Keith L. Williams show us their secret handshakes

Though Good Boys is being widely reviewed as sort of a Superbad for the middle school set, that doesn’t mean that the new film’s stars had actually seen Superbad when they started filming. In fact, Jacob Tremblay, who plays “Max” in Good Boys only watched “parts of it” recently with his parents. Read more… Source