Steve McQueen Says BAFTAs Will Have ‘No Credibility’ If They Don’t Wake Up to Diversity

Last week, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts came under fire for featuring wall-to-wall white nominees across its four main acting categories, a result that sparked not only #BAFTAsSoWhite outrage across Twitter, but also encouraged the BAFTAs to review their nomination process. In a recent interview with The Guardian, filmmaker Steve McQueen, who

Barry Jenkins, Richard Linklater, Steve McQueen, and More Pick the Best Film of the 21st Century

IndieWire recently named Barry Jenkins’ “Moonlight” the best movie of the decade, but what film would the writer-director name as the standout of the 21st Century? The answer can be found in a filmmaker survey published by The Guardian in which several of the world’s best working directors make their pick for the best movie

Endgame Directors Are Kind of Right That Bucky and Steve Have a “Star Wars Relationship”

The Russo brothers are continuing their post-Avengers: Endgame tour of talking about all things Avengers, which means we get a deluge of fun quotes to unpack, for better or worse. Recently, the directing duo made a stop on the Star Wars Show, a weekly webseries from Lucasfilm, to chat about two different franchises and, of

Avengers: Endgame Director Says That Steve Rogers Is the Most Difficult Character to Play

We all love Steve Rogers and Chris Evans; he’s our Brooklyn boy who just wants to make sure that he’s there for those close to him. Sometimes, it ends up backfiring because he has to take a stand against his own friends, but still, Steve tries to be the best he can be, and that