Weathering With You is an odd, enchanting teen romance from the director of Your Name

Depending on how the next decade of life on Earth goes, people may one day look back on writer-director Makoto Shinkai’s offbeat animated fantasy-romance Weathering With You as one of the most prescient movies of its era. If we’re lucky, it’ll be seen as merely quaint. Or if we’re extremely unlucky, this sweet,… Read more…

Norse Mythology Meets Teen Fantasy in Netflix’s Ragnarok Trailer

Netflix has released the first full trailer for their upcoming teen supernatural series Ragnarok. And no, we’re not talking about that Ragnarok. This new series hails from Norway and is the brainchild of Scandinavian creator Adam Price (Borgen). The synopsis for Ragnarok reads: “The story revolves around the inhabitants of Edda, who are perhaps not

Without judgment or awe, Jawline traces the rise and fall of a teen internet celebrity

There is a surprisingly humbling element to Liza Mandelup’s documentary Jawline, a bristling look at social media fame from the perspective of 16-year-old Austyn Tester. At first, Tester’s plan to use the power of positivity to become famous (a goal that he repeats often without ever really getting specific) rings… Read more… Source link

Good Boys puts a tween spin on the R-rated teen comedy, to mostly funny effect

The hook of Good Boys, Hollywood’s latest odyssey of comic adolescent mischief, is that the kids behaving badly are, for once, truly kids. The usual R-rated parade of randy mishaps, drug-related foibles, and foul-mouthed banter has formed around characters just out of elementary school. That may sound like a minefield… Read more… Source link

Robert Downey Jr. Hit up the Teen Choice Awards With Flare and Gifts!

Robert Downey Jr. went to the Teen Choice Awards, and child-me is yelling because when I went as a kid, the biggest star there was Brandon Routh (honestly, a delight for me). Being a celebration of the youths and their decisions in all things pop culture, the Teen Choice Awards are a hodge-podge of celebrities