Jon M. Chu Urges Disney+ to Make Rose Tico ‘Star Wars’ Series With Kelly Marie Tran

The many “Star Wars” fans outraged over how “The Rise of Skywalker” sidelines Kelly Marie Tran’s Resistance member Rose Tico should be thrilled with Jon M. Chu. The “Crazy Rich Asians” director has taken to social media to personally lobby for Rose Tico to get her own Disney+ original series. The “Star Wars” universe already

Things We Saw Today: Fans Showing Their Love For Kelly Marie Tran Has Us Emotional

The discourse and excitement ahead of The Rise of Skywalker is reaching deafening levels and we’re all going a little bit crazy waiting for the final film in this legendary saga to drop next week. But it’s not all disappointing ship news or worrisome interviews—there’s some positive stuff too, and even better, it’s about Kelly