The Hypnotic ‘Uncut Gems’ Score Mashes Synth and Prog-Rock — Watch a Behind-the-Scenes Video

“Uncut Gems” deserves an award for Most Stressful Theatrical Experience, and it’s cranked up to 11 thanks to composer Daniel Lopatin. He mashed synth sounds and elements of ’70s prog-rock to create a unique sonic environment that stands as its own work of art. Lopatin is better known by his recording alias of Oneohtrix Point

Kevin Spacey Posts Bizarre New Video as Frank Underwood to Champion Kindness

Kevin Spacey baffled the industry one year ago when he marked the Christmas holiday by posting a video of himself in character as Frank Underwood from “House of Cards.” One year later, Spacey is back at it again. The disgraced actor has posted a 2019 holiday video to his YouTube page in which he appears

But What Is Your Favorite Music Video for a Movie?

Remember when songs based on movies would be released along with it and we’d get beautiful crossover videos that rarely made any sense? For example, we will always have Dashboard Confessional’s “Vindicated” from the movie Spider-Man 2. But, in recent years, we’ve strayed away from the music video component of this trend and stuck with

Robert De Niro Slams Donald Trump in Video Interview: ‘This Guy Should Not Be President. Period.’

No stranger to publicly denouncing the President, Robert De Niro has once again slammed Donald Trump in a new — and rare — with CNN’s Brian Stelter on “Reliable Sources.” “This guy should not be president. Period,” De Niro says. Stelter asks De Niro how he felt about criticisms of the actor after he said